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“A mastering engineer's best friend is a recording/mixing engineer that knows what they're doing and in our business we should be sweetening a good mix, not trying to fix it. For 15 years, Paul Brown has been sending us stellar mixes that have been a joy to master!” Kevin & Larry Nix (L. Nix Mastering)



Auralex Roominator Kits,  SheetBlok, Iso Series, SonoColumns, T’Fusors, and AudioTiles

Custom built by Dash Studio Furniture

Custom built quad core PC by PC Dude by Francis Karchefski and Jim Beckett @ PC Dude (These two guys are really brilliant!)

Tascam FW 1884 FireWire console w/ 2 FE-8 expander modules, Behringer ADA Converter, Tube Compressors & Ultragain Pro Preamps

Custom built Nearfills by Glen CEO @ Speaker Services, Memphis TN, & Behringer B2031P Ultra-Linear Reference Studio Monitors

Custom designed Hearback System w/ Talkback 600 MV

Steinberg Cubase 6,  Nuendo 5, &  Wavelab Pro 6.  Sony Media Acid Pro, Sound Forge & Vegas Pro.  Toontrack's Drumsuperior 2.0 & Drumtracker

Waves Mercury Bundle, Chris Lord Alge (CLA) Compressors, Timeworks Verbs and Delays

Steinberg The Grand 3 & Halion Pro Symphonic Orchestra & Yamaha Keys,  NI Scarbee Mark I, Wurlitzer A200, Clavinet D6, EastWest Symphonic (Platinum),  73 Fender Suitcase (Bitches & Brew Model w/ Square Tines), Hammond B3 w/ Leslie 147 Cab, Cort Custom Acoustic Guitar, M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 Midi Controller & Drum Superior 2.0

Sennhieser, Neumann, Shure' RODE & Behringer Mics including the Brand new T-1 Tube Mic

Ultimate Support

The beautiful design and sound of Ocean Soul Studios could have never been possible without the artistic vision and acoustical research of my amazing wife April Brown!

April Brown

Scott Howdyshell

Lee Catoe TLC Engineering

Victor Booker

Ric Farrah

John Raska & Ray Hubbard @ Seales Keyworks